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shelby__barnes Me and my best buds.🌻 — What’s your favorite flower and why? {I’ll pick a few of my favorites to share in my stories} • pants and shoes from @lulus #lulusambassador #lulus • • • • — Sunflowers are so special to me. I always loved sunflowers, because even on the darkest of days the stand tall and find the sun. {They were also my wedding flower, and happened to be Jake’s Memas favorite. I never personally got to meet her and she passed before our wedding. However, we still got to have a piece of her there which made the day so special to me} Maybe you’ve been struggling or going through a rough time. I’m here to tell you that YOU are so worthy. You have a purpose, and there is no one like you in this world. Keep grinding and reaching for your dreams/goals. I even struggle with sometimes feeling not good enough, or uninspired. It’s ok— you’re human. The important thing is to keep searching and always be interested in growing/learning. I am just beyond blessed with the amazing insta family and friends over the last 6 months. You guys mean the world to me. Regardless of what you’re doing/wanting to achieve, know I’m right here to support you every step of the way. If you need a friend— I’m here for ya. I can’t express enough how important it is for us to lift each-other up and support one another. All I have to say is: You Grow Girl {oh and happy almost weekend} 🤩

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